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Swiss dog magazine 7/20

Dog-friendliness put to the acid test

Livia Waser has been running the information portal with over 160 tourism providers for three years. In these, the four-legged friends are not only allowed, but even very welcome. Swiss Tourism Association

STV - Swiss Tourism Federation 7/20

Tips for holidays and leisure with your four-legged friend in Switzerland

"Discover the world - experience adventure", that is what Tourism stands for. The new online platform has set itself the goal of uniting all dog-friendly service providers in Switzerland. It offers free tips on how and where dog owners can spend leisure time in Switzerland together with their four-legged friends. Swiss Tourism Association

TV24 7/2019 in the cave of the lions Switzerland

Hobby or not - will the lions invest? Have a look yourself :-)

Linth newspaper 5/2019

Young entrepreneurs venture into the lions' den

Start-ups from the region compete for the favour of investors on TV: Young entrepreneurs from Gommiswald, Uznach and Rapperswil-Jona get in on the show "Höhle der Löwen Schweiz".

Caves of the lions Switzerland

Dogs SKG SCS 2/2019

A dog changes leisure and holidays

Dog-friendly hotels and campsites; cross-country skiing tracks where dogs are allowed; hiking routes or restaurants with their own menu for four-legged friends: all this and much more can be found on the internet platform

Holiday with dog

Blick Caravan-Extra 2018

Che Bello! The dog travels with

The nice thing about holidays in a camper: There is enough space for the whole family - even for the beloved four-legged friends. The Suisse Caravan Salon is the first trade fair in Europe to dedicate a special theme area to dogs.

Camping holidays with dog

Swiss dog magazine 07/18

Chairlift riding with a dog has to be learned

Often it is the uncertainty that interrupts great hikes because of the chair lift. With a lot of calmness and patience this hurdle can also be overcome. On 10 August 2018 the first chairlift course was held by Tourismus and Anita Ziegler (

Chairlift course with dog

Swiss dog magazine 05/18

20 teams explore the Way of St. James with dog in Switzerland

The Swiss online portal for leisure activities with dogs ( launched a new project "St. James' Way with Dogs: Switzerland" at the beginning of 2018. In January 2018, 20 teams were searched for on Facebook in the group "St. James' Way with Dog: Switzerland" who wanted to hike the twelve official hiking routes of the Swiss St. James' Way across Switzerland and explore them with a dog.

Way of St. James Switzerland with dog

Meet & Greet with Martin Rütter/15.04.18

Kikeriki the tour cock is handed over

For a good cause Martin Rütter hands over his beloved tour cock for 1 year as "Au Pair" to on 15.04.18 in the Hallenstadion Zurich, which can be auctioned again later.

Coop newspaper/28.11.2017

Walking the mountains - on a hike with a dog

Bitch Kaya loves the smell on the ground, Livia Waser loves the view into the distance. So a hike with the four-legged friend becomes an unclouded experience.

Swiss Dog Magazine/03.08.2017

Discover the world - experience adventure! Tourism offers the perfect leisure platform for every four-legged friend. More than 50 key players have joined the leisure project since November 2016 and support it with enthusiasm and a lot of heart.

Your dog is also welcome here

No matter whether a longer journey, a short holiday or even just a day trip is waiting for you - the four-legged friend should not be missed. Together with Tourism, Züriost has therefore put together some offers in the region where not only you, but also your dog is welcome.

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