Expert Tips

Expert Tips

Safe encounter with guard dogs

The most important rules of conduct

Herd Protection Switzerland does not recommend taking the companion dog with you. Dogs as close relatives of the wolf excite a stronger defensive behaviour in guard dogs. If there is no possibility to bypass the herd and the dog is with you, you should keep it on a leash. Every walk should therefore be well prepared.

Safely meet guard dogs

COVID-19: Switzerland with dog

How best to deal with the situation.

In the flood of current media news, dog owners often confuse the fact that staying at home is NOT FORBIDDEN to go out with the dog. But there are some things to consider and in addition we have some inputs for you with employment for at home which are summarized here.

COVID-19 with dog Switzerland

Winter hiking with dog

Enjoy the winter idyll with your dog.

If the snow crunches evenly under the steps and otherwise neither the valley nor the winter forest makes the slightest sound, you will experience pure winter idyll when you go snow (shoe) hiking with your dog. We have put together the most important information for you here.

Hiking with dog in winter

With dog on ferry

Beach holiday in Scotland or Holland? Cruise feeling with dog is possible!

Where do you want to go? Rather to the north, where you can go for long walks and dog excursions in beautiful nature and pleasant temperatures, or to the south, where there are also dog-friendly beaches, and especially in the off-season most of the time you will be turned a blind eye to the beaches.

Dog on ferry

Here you can also order dogs

Have a nice dinner with your four-legged friend

What would you like for Fido: Pig's ears or chicken cut into pieces? Two restaurants in the canton of Zurich offer an extra menu for dogs.

The blood-sucking ticks are active again

what you need to know

The ticks are lying in wait again. With the warmer temperatures, their bloodsucking activities also increase. This can have unpleasant to dangerous consequences in certain cases. Watch out and protect - you and your dog!

Organizes travel

what you need to know

Travel with pets must be well prepared. Countries all over the world have different requirements. Moreover, these requirements can change constantly. The Federal Veterinary Office (FVO) provides information.

New trend

Yoga with your dog

Do not be surprised if you suddenly discover dogs in the yoga studio doing exercises with their holders. Because man's best friend no longer has to wait outside the gym. The trend that is spilling over from the USA and China to Europe is called Doga - composed of Dog (dog) and Yoga.

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