Competition: Favourite winter hike with dog in Switzerland

"Favorite winter hike with dog in Switzerland"

Many thanks to all participants - you are all winners


01. place - Tanja with Neo

02. place - Käthe with Bambi, Baghira, Cap

03. place - Florence with Haska and Hasko

04. place - Nicole with Maiyun and Anyuk

05. place - Sarah with Nanuk

06. place - Tanja with Kesh

07. place - Elvira with Amigo

08. place - Steffi with Molly

09th place - Annette with Haya

10th place - Katrin with Nelson

11th place - Romaine with Layos and Fred

12th place - Nicole with Roxy

13th place - Juliane with Panda

14th place - Florence with Haska and Hasko

15th place - Barbara with Vishi

15th place - Susanne with Desea (tie)

*the winners will be notified personally

Thank you very much:

*the prices are read out according to rank order

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